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Tai Shan Food Corporation Limited, one international import & export company for food.

Main products:

Frozen meat, canned meat 

Frozen vegetable, canned vegetable 

Frozen fish, canned fish

We are the bridge to connect you to Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Products origin: 

China,Vietnam, Thailand, Germany, Spain, Russia, Poland, Turkey….

Products destination: 

Middle east, Africa, Hong Kong ….

Our core competence: quality food and  reliable service!  

We take care of your health!  

And also your appetite!

泰山食品有限公司, 一家国际性的食品进出口贸易公司。

是连接您与 亚洲, 欧洲, 中东, 非洲最理想的桥梁。

我们主要经营: 冷冻肉, 罐头肉, 冷冻蔬菜,罐头蔬菜, 冷冻鱼, 罐头鱼。

产品的主要产地: 德国,西班牙,波兰,俄罗斯, 土耳其,中国,越南, 泰国….

主要的销售市场: 中国,香港,中东,非洲….


我们不仅仅希望能给您带来 一个好身体! 


Our products


Frozen Beef



Frozen chicken



Frozen pork



Frozen mutton


 Frozen fish

Frozen vegetable

Canned food